Quilting options include :
– free-hand and meandering edge-to-edge designs, eye-catching pantographs
– custom quilting, featuring :
– block motifs
– separate borders
– classic feathers
– narrow parallel lines
– stippling, pebble quilting and other textural background fillers
and much more!


Contact Karen about your project for the perfect quilting design to make your piecing shine.

Get those tops professionally quilted so you can move on to new projects, like one of these free quilt patterns!



edge to edge quilting                          price per square inch

medium dense motifs                                                 $ 0.035

medium dense motifs plus one border                       $ 0.040

dense motifs                                                               $ 0.045

dense motifs plus one border                                     $ 0.050

custom quilting

block designs, additional borders                 $ 0.065 to $ 0.090

stitch in the ditch, heirloom                                         $ 0.095 +
and artistic quilting


per colour change                                                        $ 5.00

specialty threads (metallic, silk)                                   $ 5.00

quilt preparation                                                  $ 20.00 per hour
(clipping loose threads, seam repair,
pressing, reapplying borders)


Prices are subject to change without notice. All shipping charges are additional and paid for by the client.
Fee calculation example :

quilting area in square inches x price = quilting fee before extras
throw size quilt 60” x 60”, medium dense edge-to-edge quilting
60” x 60” = 3,600 sq. in.
3,600 x .035 = $ 126.00, basic quilting fee


Quilt preparation

Do NOT baste your quilt top! Please do not apply embellishments until after your top is quilted.

Your quilt top and backing should be pressed, squared and free of loose threads. Stitching close to the edge all around the quilt top is strongly recommended to help keep seams secure during the quilting process. Be sure to clearly mark the top end of your quilt.

Batting and backing must be at least 4” larger than your quilt top on all sides. For example, if your quilt top is 40” x 50”, your batting and backing must be at least 48” x 58”. Backing seams should be without selvedges and pressed open. Karen can provide wide seamless backings and a range of batting options. Prices vary by materials and size.

If your top is not flat or has a wavy border these situations cannot be quilted out. Tucks and puckers may appear in the quilting despite best efforts. In some situations the borders may need to be reapplied before quilting can be done. Quilt preparation can be done for you, including reapplying borders, seam repair and squaring of top and/or back for a service fee of $20.00 per hour.