Original design

  • elements of improvisation make every quilt one of a kind
  • free-motion quilting motifs are unique to each piece
  • hand-painted fabrics explore color through a range of techniques with dramatic and wonderfully unpredictable results





Fine fabrics

  • organic cottons
  • soft bamboo
  • linen and lovely blends
  • luxurious dupioni, shantung silks
  • cotton, silk and shimmery polyester threads
  • wool, bamboo, silk blend, organic cotton battings






  • All seams are pressed open and curves painstakingly set-in for even wear and smoother touch.
  • Dense quilting gives quilts extra texture and durability.
  • Sturdy double-fold binding with mitered corners is hand-stitched to back of all quilts.
  • Completed linen, bamboo and cotton quilts are machine washed and dried to bring each to its final size and wonderful dimpled texture.